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Export Buyer Finance

Export Buyer Finance

Competing globally can be difficult. It is simply not enough anymore to sell the best product. Buyers are increasingly looking for creative ways to finance their purchase and in many cases, are looking to their supplier to provide this financing. Offering the best financing terms can be the deciding factor as to whether or not you win the sale. This is true for commodities and consumable products as much as it is for large ticket, capital equipment purchases. If you ask most sales people, helping their clients find the money to purchase their product or service is often the deciding factor if they win or lose the sale.

As a supplier, how to you do this? Your business is to sell a product or service, not be a bank. While it is true that the most efficient way to finance the supply chain is by leveraging the lowest cost of capital between the buyer and supplier, how do you do it? At Impello Global, this is our business. We have spent that last 15 years working with companies and banks to implement and manage finance programs, both domestic and overseas.

We’d love to learn about your business to see if there are ways we can help you drive and finance your global growth.

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