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Structured Trade Finance

Structured Trade Finance

Structured Trade Finance is a broadly used term which encompasses a number of different loan programs. It is sometimes used as a catch-all area for trade finance structures that fall outside of the normal transaction scope - e.g. medium term, long term, buyer credit, supplier credit, project finance, cross border term loans, and accounts receivable purchase programs. Many of these loan programs are programs that banks would like to offer or expand their current capabilities; however, having a dedicated team, with the unique specialized background, is not feasible due to the gestation period for these deals to materialize.

Impello Global partners with our banking clients to allow them to offer these loan structures without requiring the expense of hiring an internal team. We work with our clients from the beginning stage of identifying the opportunity through documentation and funding and then continue to provide ongoing support until each loan is fully repaid.

If you are thinking about offering any of these programs to your clients or are looking for ways to improve and grow your current capabilities, Impello Global can assist. Our team will conduct a full analysis of your current capabilities and provide a step by step plan to implement and optimize your team’s performance. We also offer services to help you manage these program over time or through a transition, tailored to your specific situation.

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