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Multi-Buyer Insurance

Multi-Buyer Insurance

Much like the opposite of Key Account insurance, some clients choose to insure all receivables, except a specific segment, which is often referred to as a multi-buyer policy. Examples of this would be insuring all foreign receivables except Canadian receivables. Policies insuring all domestic receivables, all foreign receivables or both domestic and foreign are also referred to as multi-buyer insurance policies.


In addition to risk mitigation, multi-buyer insurance policies are often used to improve a company's access to working capital financing.   Lenders often limit collateral eligibility for receivables that have concentration risks, longer payment terms, or that are payable from foreign account debtors.   By insuring those receivables, lenders will often include them as eligible collateral, and therefore, improve the company's access to working capital financing. 


Whether you are looking to insure against a default by one of your clients or to improve your company's access to working capital financing - or both, we would be delighted to help you find the right solution.   

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